Corvette C8 X MRR Wheels

Corvette C8 - MRR Wheels

 Corvette C8 x MRR Wheels

MRR Wheels is not a stranger to the car community. With more than 15 years of experience manufacturing our own wheels, MRR Wheels has cemented it’s place in the car enthusiasts’ heart.

With our deep roots in the domestic car scene, we didn’t squander the communities’ expectations for our magic treatment for the newly released Corvette C8.

We wanted to take keep the same formula everyone loved about the Corvette C7, and take it up a notch for the new C8. With a more aggressive styling comes more responsibilities, and we think we knocked it out of the park.


Corvette C8 - MRR Wheels

Corvette C8 - MRR Wheels


From the MRR wheels line, our flagship FS series like the FS01, FS06 are classic designs that will make the ride pop. Our M755 which was wildly popular with the previous generation Corvette C7 was of course, not left behind.


Corvette C8 - MRR Wheels - FS01Corvette C8 - MRR Wheels - FS01


The FS01 wheels are no stranger to the Corvette community. These are a great option for those who want the motorsport-inspired designs with our signature flow forged construction. The FS01 is fully custom for the C8 fitment, with custom PCD, offset and center bore for that hub centric fitment. Just like all-wheel models in the MRR Wheels lineup, our in-house facility can help you finish the whole set to help match your build.


Corvette C8 - MRR Wheels - FS01




Corvette C8 - FS06 - MRR WheelsCorvette C8 - FS06 - MRR Wheels


FS06 is one of our most popular designs for good reason. Our designers at MRR Wheels set out to create a light weight street wheel with timeliness design. With our flow-forged construction, we found the ultimate balance between style and performance. Fully custom toward the C8 fitment, the FS06 comes hub centric to the C8, giving you the proper fitment it deserves. Custom finishes are available through our in-house facility!


Corvette C8 - FS06 - MRR Wheels

Corvette C8 - FS06 - MRR Wheels



 Corvette C8 - M755 - MRR WheelsCorvette C8 - M755 - MRR Wheels


The M755 is another community favorite, with the dual spoke five-star design that is simply irresistible! The M755 was designed and engineered with our flow forged construction for a blend between lightweight and durability. These wheels really bring out the lines of the C8, especially if you are looking for something subtle but different from the other styles of wheels. Many of our customers love the brushed finish on these which gives the wheels a different look. As always, exclusive hub centric C8 fitment to give you the perfect fitment you are looking for. Whether if you are riding stock, to aggressive suspension setups, we can do it all!


Corvette C8 - M755 - Shop Now




Corvette C8 - MRR Forged

Corvette C8 - MRR Wheels

MRR Forged

Our fully custom forged line is also available to the whole Corvette C8 community. Our forged wheels are custom-made-to-order, with forged monoblock and 2-piece available.

Since these are highly customizable, the range of adjustability in terms of design, offset, finishes are unmatched compared to other wheels. We have in-house CNC machines and experienced technicians to make sure the wheels come out exactly the way you want it to be.

We have other wheel models available, contact our fitment specialists for more information on the forged line!


Corvette C8 - MRR Forged


MRR Wheels - Corvette C8

The whole MRR wheels team is hard at work to bring you the best fitment possible on the new Corvette C8. We are actively bringing the most aggressive fitment specs across our wheel models to the community, so stay on a lookout for new builds riding on MRR Wheels!

MRR Wheels Manufacturing

Our Commitment to Excellence

We put customers before everything else. We at MRR Design strive to provide what you need at the time you need it.  We utilize the latest technology, in-house precision CNC machine tools, and the best coating equipment for the finest finishes.

Every wheel manufactured at MRR Design is individually tested for quality and performance in addition to being compliant to a variety of high standards prior to shipping to our customers. All wheels we manufacture are tested by the Vehicle Inspection Association and Japanese Light Weight Alloy for a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Our wheels are backed by our customer-first services and extensive support. We have a team of technical staff and knowledgeable customer representatives to help you secure deals with the best value.


Designed & crafted with passion in Los Angeles, California.


Corvette C8 - MRR Wheels


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